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Thread: No more.

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    Take a break from photography, keep yourself occupied by doing something else before you revisit this issue.

    In short, there's life outside photography and personally I feel that you're hasty in making such a decision.
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    My first cam was a Panasonic 1.3MP, later, moved to film SLR. Sure, the pics from my film are much better in terms of sharpness...... I don't even feel that my current Sony V1 is up to it.

    But guess what, my girl would anyday prefer those pics from the Panasonic even with 'noise', tiny printouts....
    Why? Simply because photography to many is simply to capture a moment that they'll treasure for life. Most are not up to the standard of a pro or they'll be out of business since nearly everyone can afford a cam these days. Look at the streets with people clicking away compared to the past.

    Heck, I know that I take lousy to medicore pics. So what, I may not feel that I'm up to the standards of other fellow photographers but I'm glad that at least I've got these cams to take pics with. People will never be satisfied till they believe they have the best. I'm still not satisfied yet too, greed ( reasoned to myself as needs ) is telling me to earn / save more. A Minolta 7D, better lenses, then an even better body than the soon to come Minolta 7D... This 'Evil' cycle will never end.

    Take a step back & review those pics you've taken, ask yourself what they mean or have meant to you.

    Asking for something is never easy. I used to ask for computer upgrades each year till my folks are sick of me even though by now, they're convinced that I can do something with it. Imagine that you have a kid, he/she wants "newer and more expensive" stuff, computer, camera, consoles... they all add up.

    CONTINUE with your interest, save up. MAKE KNOWN what you want for a birthday present !!! ONLY ONE present from your FAMILY and nothing else for the year round or 2. Good enough deal? Try it!

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    Mao said : Be it white cat or black cat, so long it catch rat , it's a good cat

    Poohbear say : Be it P&S or DSLR, so long as it shoot, it's a good camera !

    If no technique , a leica would be useless ...
    if no Leica, technique would have be useful !

    anyway ... if u think u have reach the height of your understanding towards photography .... then u must be some kind of a Photo grandmaster , then by all means ... quit !

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    I thought i gonna see espn with his signature post...tsk tsk

    Anyway, ACE... i saw ur profile...u r still a student... from my point of view....i don't like to spend parents money on DESIRE items... basic needs of cause lar... Keep shooting... u got something not many of us have during our school days... i wish i had a digicam during my school days.... able to leave all those beautiful memories in my HDD/DVD-R...


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    use it up
    wear it out
    make it do
    or do without
    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye

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    hmmmm..... hey i'm 20....and i'm self financing my photog, driving, language classes, travelling and everything i do... in fact i would like to go overseas to pursue journalism, but guess wat..... my dad told me to find a way there myself...

    reality check: u have to understand ya dad's my case and prob yours too, your dad probably wants u to understand the meaning of hard work.... most parents will feel that photog is a fleeting period in their child's life, so no point spending too much money on it..... like said, running a family is not an easy task....
    i used to feel tt my parents would prob finance everything now i understand better coz i use only my own money....

    i know of ppl who use something like an a80 and have put it to good use, even in model shoots... its about understanding your equipment... wat it can do for u and wat it cannot....if it cant do wat u want it to....then its best tt u start saving up for ya own expenses.... i might take some time...but it will prove two things...

    1) tt ya parents are not wrong about photog being an impulse hobby tt will fade with time...
    2) tt u really want to improve....

    the route is tough....but only the toughest survive in this age....


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    Smile I agree with Witness

    Since a kid I always wanted to be an electronics technician.
    My father was a talented dude in that field.
    He owned an electronics business and when I left school, I whent to work there.
    All my friends thought, " COOL your dad owns it! you will be IN !!).
    I worked for 12 months sweeping the floors, carrying the tech's tool boxes, all minor things.
    I worked my self up to be a fairly tallented electronics dude.
    Takes time and you start from the bottom.
    But it pays off when you can say, " thats good, I like what I've done there".
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Wow should a "LIVELY" discussion got to threw my two cents into it. It like some old person told about photography it goes like " It is not the song but the singer"

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