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    hey...i'm juz beginning to like photography....but with my current SONY DSC P71 i'm v limited...any ideas which camera would be good for me to start with? is D70 Digital SLR fine??? need some real help...dunno where to start with...

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    Maybe you want to refer to this thread . Look at post #6. As pointed out. DSLR isn't just another camera. It is devoting to a camera system. Unless budget is not a major concern, I think it is best to go with a prosumer first.
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    if u feel tt ya current system is restricting ya...change it...

    haha...but be careful when selecting a dslr....coz like yanyekay said...u will be devoting to a whole system....lens flash etc dun come cheap...


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    although $2.1k is the price for a D70 with kit lens.. very soon it will grow..

    For me, its already at $3k
    and I still haven't got a flash ($600), better tripod (err. $200 to... $700), a telephoto lens ($1.2k), etc etc

    you get the point..

    But for sure, the photos from a prosumer and a dSLR is totally different.. provided you can tell...

    I generally suggest a prosumer first..
    cause its like $1k for a 28-200 (usually) F2.8-3.5
    which is good enough for a lot of things..
    if you wanna get the same on a dSLR, its like $2.1k+$1.2k(for telephoto) = $3.3k AT LEAST

    So it depends..

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    Many people end up with a DSLR being the endpoint in their upgrade from a compact digicam (and it may signify that start of a big investment into lenses and accessories). But whether you need to spend a lot more on the system depends on you and what you want to shoot. A DSLR like D70 does give you the performance (autofocus speed, buffer size, etc), image quality (nicely blurred background, low noise pics, etc) and flexibility (support for different lenses to cater for different conditions, full support for external flash, continuous shooting with flash, etc) that's way above the P71 but it comes with additional weight and space (besides the cost factor).

    The kit lens offers a useful lens that might be sufficient initially but if your interest grows (e.g. fashion, nature, architecture, insects), you'll likely want to buy lenses (long teles, tele zooms, wide-angles, macro lenses) that are more suitable.

    Do consider carefully. Of course, if money isn't a big issue, you could always get one to try first and if you don't like it, you could always sell it off for a small loss or keep it for occassional use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lytefunk
    For me, its already at $3k
    and I still haven't got a flash ($600), better tripod (err. $200 to... $700), a telephoto lens ($1.2k), etc etc
    it's time to buy a Arcatech Ultimate Ballhead + Gitzo G1548GT CF tripod + SB-800 + 17-35 f/2.8 ED + 28-70 f/2.8 ED + 70-200 f/2.8 ED VR

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    hassy H1D with imacon digital back. 50k only..

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    clown & zod - ermmm... i think u're scaring the pants of our fren here...

    whimiscal (i hope ur nick doesn't reflect the reason for switching over to DSLR?) - i guess this issue has been discussed to the point of death in CS. nothing wrong in asking, i guess. but, as mpenza our mod pointed out, a DSLR is not the logical ending point from compact digicams. i've a colleague who, tho grumbling abt his f828, refuses to change over to a DSLR becos of the convenience of his f828. plus, he din need all the expenses dat comes with DSLR system.

    as yanyewkay has pointed out to you in a previous thread (the other CSer asked the same question), i also will put it to you dat u consider wat u want to shoot most often (no HOPE to shoot most often), how much time u're willing to spend on shooting with ur DSLR and ur budget. do take time, sit down and consider. if possible, try a few systems and get a feel of the cam. consider other options, eg prosumers. who knows? at the end of the day, u might decide to stick to ur digicam after all? having a DSLR doesn't make u a better photographer. in fact, based on personal usage and i'm sure there will be many who agree with me, a DSLR will show up how BAD a photographer one is.

    fyi - tho i'm a DSLR fan, i still prefer the handiness of my wifes minolta xt and the lightness of my toy camera, the holga 120 and my TLR, the lubitel. both of which are film cameras without all the fancy autofocus and metering.
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