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    Default photo with emotion...

    Hi Guyz and Galz....

    one thing that make ur photo unique is emotion that reflected through the photo.

    does anyone wanna share, how to create ur photo full of emotion which reflect the photographer soul ...


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    My opinion is that there are 2 main forms of photography: photography as a record and photography as a media of expression. Examples of 1st category: day-to-day snap shots, medical records, criminal records, etc. 2nd category is much wider and is similar to a painting: the photographer is trying to express something through the photo he presented, and wishes that the audiences will say "wow!" when they see the picture.

    Examples of 2nd category:
    Macro photography - to express the photographer's fascination towards the macro (micro) world.
    Abstract photography - to express the photographer's intrigue by the textures/patterns/colors around us.
    Street photography - to express the photographer's interests in people and/or what they do, how they feel.
    Lanscape photography - to express the photographer's view of what a nice/unique scenery might be.

    The measure of how successful the photographer is in this category is whether the viewers are able to receive what he is trying to express and experience the same fascination as he did when he took the picture (the "wow" factor).

    What do you think?
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