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    Default Hello from forum Newbie

    Just discovered these forums! Great! Have posted my first pics too.

    I have rediscovered photography by creating a website for many photos and some other stuff. I have 1gb storage, and that's a lot of photos!

    I love nature photography. I live in SE Florida USA and go into the marshes alot.

    You can see my photos under "Photography" in my website at .

    You would think taking one picture of a type of bird would be enough? NOPE! I love to catch them in all possible poses.

    I am constantly adding stuff to the site. Has some chat on it, like a section on classical music. But I put in so much time on the photos I have not gotten to any other sections much. It's not a pro site, just a simple one with a lot of pics.

    I like photography, classical music, classic TV sitcoms, and online gaming. I play online alot. A game called Mechwarrior: Mercenaries. Great fun! Up to 24 players in one game, and we voice chat during battles!

    I am 55 years old and single. I have travelled a bit. A Navy veteran. Jobs in electronics and software. Don't work now, on a disability pension.

    Great forums!

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    Hi Fred! Welcome to ClubSNAP! Hope you enjoy the stay here!

    Florida really seems like an exciting place to live in, based on your photos. Guess most of us who grew up in high-density cosmopolitan city state of Singapore, really yearn for the natural open spaces as portrayed in some of your photographs.

    Hmm... am really interested to know whether there's any exciting aquatic fungi found in the wetlands and the swamps in Florida though...

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    haiz...u and ya fungi again....

    cool.....nice to meet u...perhaps when we are free we can organize an outing to ya place hahaha.....willing to be tour guide??


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