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    Hi guys,

    Going to try black&white shooting soon. Found the picts fascinating. May I know what film to recommend, where a good place to buy & process, etc..Please do specify the adress as well as i'm not familiar with all the shop names around (found a thread discussing b+w with only the shop names, very blurrr ). also need to be enlightened about diff processing (CN41 vs the rest). Btw, anybody doing the darkroom printing him(her)self? interested to know more and try it myself .

    The same thing goes for the slide films (what types, where). Looking for velvia but don't know where to buy. I saw Kodak slide films bfore in one of their lab, are they good?

    Thanks beforehand guys !!

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    BnW .... B+W is a filter brand haha

    my recommendation



    buy films at RUBY at peninsula hotel first to spinelli's

    Develop at Kim Tian.... in chinatown....address is cross street...c41 processing is $3 a roll
    non c41 processing is $5 - $8 a roll depending

    to learn darkroom techniques.....check out the courses available at the photographic society of singapore..


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    Thanks witness...

    sooo its called mono.. haha..pardon the newbie..
    O so that's ruby...i've noticed the place bfore but never been there..


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    in case u might wanna know, there's a Agfa Scala 200x, the one n only BW slide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by West_ray
    in case u might wanna know, there's a Agfa Scala 200x, the one n only BW slide.
    Good luck about processing though, if you choose to shoot scala!

    Anyway, apart from those film mentioned by witness, you may wanna try black and white film with less grains, like Kodak Tmax 100 and Ilford Delta 100, both of which are available at Ruby. There are also black and white film that uses C41 processing... but if you are interested in black and white, do try and develop them yourself. It's much more satisfying!

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    one and only??? tot tt there was one more haha....

    if u want my 2 cts on something else...

    porta 160vc
    porta 400vc

    normal negative film....

    gives great skin tones...forever sold out in ruby for 35mm...make me buy 120

    btw the silde tt i recommended and this one....
    mainly is used to shoot portraits ....

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    there's probably too many kinds of film to choose.
    if ya're low on budget, there's HP5+ and Fp4+ to get.
    grain or no grain depends on what developer ya used.

    I guess it'll be more practical to sign up for darkroom course first. that might make ya first roll more meaningful.
    or else if ya're still studying, how bout checking out if there's a darkroom with the photography club !?
    it'll really help if so.

    ultimately in black& white it's about having control.

    have fun.

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    Default Mono

    Thanks for all the advice guys,

    Going to enroll in the mono class @ PSS soon


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