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Thread: D7000 or d300s??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethpapa74
    d300s will ''force'' you to have a steeper learning curve as it doesnt have those pre-setup mode (party, fireworks, outdoor, etc).
    Ergonomically, i like it over the d7k ... ....
    Sorry, I'll have to disagree again on that. It's really individual's attitude towards learning, having those pre setup mode doesn't mean u need to use them. I've never used them since I got mine. I think both are equally good and due to the weight, I'll vote for D7k instead. To me D300s got Too much weight to carry ard.

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    Default Re: D7000 or d300s??

    Seriously, if someone is asking if he/she is going serious photography, and want to upgrade their gear, I will recommend D3 series... Any other camera below that are just for people who have idea of what they want to do with the camera...

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    Thanks everyone for the nice good advice. Appreciate it alot.


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