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Thread: Recommendation for ultra zoom digicam

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    Question Recommendation for ultra zoom digicam

    Hi guys! I'm planning to buy a new digicam that has ultra zoom and I've shortlisted the following 5 digicams.

    1. Canon Powershot S1 IS
    2. Olympus C770Uz
    3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20
    4. FujiFilm S5500
    5. Minolta Dimage Z3

    Both the S1 IS and the C770Uz have their own underwater casings so I can finally take some underwater photographs when I go for my future diving trips. But after reading thru the various reviews posted, it seems like the pictures taken with the FZ20 are generally better than the rest, except for the noise issue for indoor shots.

    As for the FujiFilm S5500, it's the only ultra zoom digicam model that records images in the RAW format. How useful is this feature for a newbie?

    Hope I can get some advice and recommendations from the 'lao jiaos' on which one to get...

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    2nd hand FZ10s or new FZ20s are your best bet from the batch.

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    Canon S1 has vari-angle LCD that makes photo taking at top-down/bottom-up angles much easier.

    However good for newbies only, most pple here goes for the pro SLR view finder type like FZ20.

    Maybe can narrow yr choice to those with IS? S1, FZ3/10/20, Z3

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    FZ10 good price and funtion


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