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Thread: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania

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    Default Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania

    Just back from a backpacking trip to these four countries.
    The highlights of my trip are:
    1. 3-day safari in Masai Mara
    2. Tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi
    3. Visiting Kigali Genocide Memorial and Hotel des Mille Collines (aka "Hotel Rwanda")
    4. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on 6D Machame route
    5. Diving in Mnemba Atoll of Zanzibar
    6. 3-day safari in Tarangire, Ngoro Ngoro and Lake Manyara

    Would be happy to provide information to fellow CSers who are planning for similar activities in these places.
    I used the Lonely Planet for East Africa published in 2009 (latest edition) and found that some information is a little outdated. Especially the information on the land transport from Kigali to Moshi; quite a bit of changes from what is described in LP.

    Here are the photos in another thread.
    I am just an amateur in terms of photographic skills and I learnt a lot on how to use my Pentax Kr along the way. The lens used is a Tamron 18-250mm; not fantastic but very convenient and more than adequate for my level. I am really glad for the long zoom and I find it indispensable for safari. =)

    Here's a Goggle Earth image of the vast Africa continent.
    My itinerary is just a little circle (marked in black) around Lake Victoria. =)
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