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Thread: What's wrong with my digicam?!

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    Default What's wrong with my digicam?!

    I've had my canon ixus 330 for more than 2 years already, and recently, it seems to take forever to focus and snap a picture (with flash)

    I don't know whether there is a setting I accidentally set, or whether it's my camera showing its wear and tear.

    Is this how cameras deteriorate? Is it time for a new camera?

    Apart from taking so damn long to take a picture, the resulting pics still look excellent as ever.

    Buying new one
    Would be extremely unsure what camera to buy. My boss gave me a print of a photo he took of me(not sure with what camera), and it was incredibly grainy with lots of colour noise. I don't want a new camera(if I do get) to be like that! I feel that canon's output is so good, but this take-so-long-to-snap problem is getting on my nerves...

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    time to change a battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    time to change a battery?
    Is that how you know that a battery is weak? The camera still seems to last as per normal before showing the low batt signal.

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    i change my batteries annually. but it may be the case? why not you borrow a battery from the shops and try first?


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