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Thread: Hamburg, any recommendations?

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    Hi guys,

    My wife is going to Hamburg for work for a couple of days. Thinking of tagging along with her. Can anyone recommend what to do, sights to see over there? I am more of the outdoor/scenery kinda guy. Been trying to do some research but doesnt seem to have much around the area. Would going up to Denmark be worth it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hamburg is a nice place. You can easily spend a few days there. In my opinion, you need not go to denmark. Around Hamburg, I went to lubeck, celle, hanover, luneburg, bremen, bremerhaven, kiel, schwerin, flensburg (beside denmark). All these may take you a few weeks. All are very nice and enjoyable. Beyond the immediate area, there are so many other towns and cities in germany you can go to.

    you can pm me if u need to ask anything. I am quite familiar with germany as i went to about 50 cities/towns 2 years ago

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    Thanks for the info. I am not much of a city guy so am hoping that there are some nice countryside to see/ photograph

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    I have not gone to see the countryside as I did not have a car

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    Hamburg, You can go to planten un bloomen,gansemarkt & rathaus(alster).
    Yes, Denmark is not far from HH. most people in denmark still understand german language.

    From Hamburg is better to visit Hannover or Berlin rather than to go north.

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    Ok thanks. Looks like the south is prettier, around the bavarian region.


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