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Thread: D7000 user please help

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    Default D7000 user please help

    This is regarding "Mode S"

    The manual states shutter speed from "x25o" or between 30s to 1/8000s. May I ask how do I read the values in the camera in terms of seconds?

    What is 25" in seconds? What is 5 in seconds as seen in the view finder?

    Sorry I'm new to DSLR, hope you guys can enlighten me. Thanks.

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    25" meaning ur camera shutter is 25 sec or expose for 25 sec, if it read 1/5 it meant ur shutter is a fifth of a sec speed...

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    To put it simply anything with " means its in seconds, any other number means 1/number seconds. for example 5" means 5 seconds, 5 means 1/5 seconds

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    Default Re: D7000 user please help

    Thanks for the help


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