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Thread: CF Card error...anyone experienced?

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    Default CF Card error...anyone experienced?

    Just wondering...not my camera, but with one using CF card.

    When inserted, error message comes out.

    Reformat card also error comes out. Try another card also same same.

    What could be the cause of this?

    Camera or card?

    Asking because it involves a camera I was about to buy.

    BTW, seller nice enough to be open and tell me the problem, and offered to send in to Canon for servicing before deal.

    I was just wondering what could the cause be...

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    Did u format the card using the camera?
    If so, it may be due to the camera. Normally if u format using the camera, it should work
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    Sometime happen when you tried to shoot and then suddenly the battery flat. If this the case, Just delete the last taken picture will do.

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    Default CF card error

    Thanks for the replies.

    Not my cam. Owner sending it in for check and servicing.

    But it is interesting to learn new things along the way.



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