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Thread: Competitions For Younger people?

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    Nowadays i have been trying to find competitions to join and treat it as a test for my skills and just have fun. I checked out ClubSNAP and most of the competitions posted are either over or they require a minimum age. Is there anyone who knows about competitions that allows people 13 and above to participate?


    P.S. If this is in the wrong place to post this thread, please re locate it for me :P

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    What type of competition are u looking into? Shooting wildlife, architecture, abstract, or what? Or you are only worried for age limits?

    Btw... I didn't know that there are age limits on photography competition (correct me if I am wrong).
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    Photography contests usually have a student category. Check out the Exhibition and Events forum for some. There're always some photo contest going on at some time or another, keep a lookout for those.

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    Check the terms and conditions carefully. See who is conducting the competition. If it's an agency that is trading pictures or a newspaper / magazine that is not directly related to photography then chances are good that somebody is just fishing for pictures that come FOC. I suspect, the age limits comes from the legal restrictions you have when entering contracts and some people just don't want to have to deal with parents.

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    Alright Thanks ...


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