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Thread: How much the charges for interior photography

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    Default How much the charges for interior photography

    Hi there! pardon my ignorance if this topic is not related in this corner
    I just want to know how much is the standard charges for interior photography , as it is my first time to do this kind of thing. 'hope all the masters here could give me some idea.
    Thanks in advance.

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    "it all depends..." the oft-quote phrase.

    there are some mid to high-range commercial photographers who can charge ard 1K per view/angle. but we are talking about people working with high-end systems who can gurantee absolute output quality, often have 1 or more photo assistants to help out with carefully choreographed lightings to enhance or create a certain mood, and often these are people shooting for organisations where image projection is very important to their business, eg. hotels and private housing developers.

    whereas if you are talking about putting a DSLR on a tripod, set it to long shutter mode and clicking away and voila .... well, it is up to the photographer to determine how much his time/skill/expertise is worth.


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