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Thread: E1 Price dropped to S$2999

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    the point is the oly kit lens is already very good for $800.

    if i'm not wrong it's a 2.8 lens right ?

    oly has good cameras, it's just a pity i don't really like the 4/3 systems - i prefer my images to be printable @ 3/2.

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    i think the 14-54 is a 2.8-3.5 lens, but it's still faster than the popular canon 17-40f4L. At 3k the camera and lens is a great deal.

    i used to think that the 4/3 system is doom for failure due to it's weakness at the wide angle range. but it seems that olympus has come up with some of the widest lens for dslr, the 7-14 f/4.


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