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Thread: Order from Adorama via Vpost

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    Default Order from Adorama via Vpost

    I understand Adorama doesn't accept overseas shipping orders. By using Vpost USA, we can actually get stuff from there now, isn't it?

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    I have no idea who Adorama are, but the general idea with vPostUSA is that you can order things you wouldn't normally be able to have delivered here.

    I've just ordered a PS2 game from Amazon (who won't usually ship games to singapore) using vPostUSA. This is my first try using the service so will see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeocolin
    I understand Adorama doesn't accept overseas shipping orders. By using Vpost USA, we can actually get stuff from there now, isn't it?
    The answer is yes and yes.

    I ordered a mico positioning plate from them last Friday (22 Oct) and according to the UPS tracking, it was received yesterday at my vPostUSA address. If everything continues without a hitch, I'll get a vPost notification today and the plate by next Wed/Thu.



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    Some times dealers have strict agreement/contract with manufactures that they will not ship products outside their respective region. If that's the case and the dealer is aware that Vpost is a mail forwarding service to Singapore, they may refuse to ship to a Vpost address even if the shipping address is in USA.
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    Adorama and BH do ship to Singapore. But you have to fax over credit card details and address details if you are a first time customer.

    Using Vpost just lowers the shipping slightly, and also allows you to deal with some non-overseas shipping (from USA)companies.

    But there are also 'non-overseas ORDERS' companies who will not deal with customers outside the USA - eg. If you are using a credit card with a Singapore address or Singapore bank, they will not entertain you no matter where the shipping address is.

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    Due to the way vpostusa works, it could take a pretty long time to reach your doorsteps. So you better make sure you are not in a hurry.

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    I believe B&H has slightly lower shipping charges, u can try searching for retailers that offer free delivery within US, might save u some $$$. Example "Free shipping within US for orders above US$25..." . If getting items which doesnt need to be package in box, u can try buying from eBay, look for those reputated POWER sellers to be safe.

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    adorama does ship to overseas addresses.
    it's usually cheaper to use vpostusa, but they consolidate your shipments once a week, so you need to plan the timing well. add gst for items above S$400.
    also consider the exchange rate your card company is charging & whether international warranty is available, to see if it's worthwhile to get it overseas.
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