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    Hi yukithesnowman

    You might want to get your gf a handbag that looks pretty similar to Theit bags and separately get a nice insert. Spend some loving patience to explain to her what the stuff are for. Once she sees the effort, most girls will appreciate.

    However, it's best to know why she's keeping her dslr at home. Is she that into photography? If she isn't and you would like her to be interested, getting a bag might not be the best way. If it's cos she finds the dslr heavy after much walk, offer to carry for her.

    Understand first before you spend big bucks :P

    Nobody in a relationship likes to be changed consciously
    best advice.


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    Just to update, I got the partition already.


    I got one for myself as well and it works perfect! It can fit her basic equipments with other misc as well. I'm overall pleased with the purchase and really hope my gf use it more often haha..=)

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