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Thread: Photoshoot project - my heartland

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    Default Photoshoot project - my heartland

    Hi I am interested in starting a project on photoshoots of HDB in all times of the day those with regular, quirky or unqiue architecture

    Gonna put it up as an online gallery but if successful can also be a coffee book

    Anyone interested in join? Best if can also put in a story - ur own story growing up in the hdb

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    Good idea. Care to share more of your plan and how interested parties can contribute? Beside HDB do you include other housing?

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    Hi. I will make an online gallery for the project after that people willing to participate takes A few photos writes a short story about the photographer's ties with his heartland upbringing and can be published

    Maybe can get funding for a coffee book if it takes off

    It's not just the architecture but also about the people behind it

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    Default Re: Photoshoot project - my heartland


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    Very interesting...and a good idea too. Just like the documentary show call Project Neighbourhood in OKTO channel every Thursday nite 10pm. Well done.


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