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Thread: Extension to the iPod Family

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    Talking Extension to the iPod Family

    Apple have develope iPod Photo. Selling at US$499 for 40G. Check out the website

    iPod Photo

    It is able to store your photo and on top of them, you are able to view them. But isn't that a bit overpriced??

    Comment anyone?

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    how can we transfer photo from the flashcard to it without the need for a PC or notebook? that's the point of wanting a mobile storage, i suppose.

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    You can always stick in the memorycard attachment. That way the iPod won't be huge all the time. Only when needed.

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    Default SG pricing of ipod photo

    SG price

    40gb = $888
    60gb = $1088

    imho, get a pure photo storage device if u r thinking about storage large amt of files .... this type of convergence device are usually weak battery life and slow in uploading from memory cards to device compared to Xdrive, CompactDrive and imagetank etc

    alternative way, get a 2nd hand ultraportable notebook(10/12inch type) with large hdd space.... u can view,edit and store photos on it and i think its good for long tour.



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