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Thread: India Photo Essay - In the Courtyard

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    Talking India Photo Essay - In the Courtyard

    In the Courtyard

    Spot the beauty of India in this picture alone. The qualities which I expreriece in India is a one of rich colour, nature and the wonderful fellowship we had with the people we met in India. All 3 qualties can be found in this picture. Where in Singapore can you find such spread of trees (there are 3kinds in this pciture alone)? Pink cloth/blanket?! Considered rare or "not to be seen" in Singapore. The people talking in the semi foreground represents fellowship.......

    To view the full description and to see a larger picture,
    Detailed Description

    Comments/Crit are welcome.

    Camera: Nikon FG-20
    Fuji Superia 100

    This photo is the first installment of the India Photo Essay.
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