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    Default Theme shoot

    Hi guys.
    I'm rather new to Clubsnap and am trying my hand at organising shoots as well.

    But instead of the usual 'model shoots' that we get to see where people go to outdoor places and just shoot them in casual outfits (what's the fun in that?), I was thinking of organising shoots whereby we take a leaf out of the US photographers' books and do them theme based. Not lifestyle, but theme based, like in editorial spreads.

    I'm actually thinking of organising one every Sunday, so that we can all try our hands at something very different indeed.

    By theme shoots, i'm actually looking at things like goth based shoots, retro 'mod squad' shoots, booking hotel rooms to do shoots like those we see in 2046 or In The Mood For Love.

    I'm actually using this as a guage to see whether such an idea will be popular or even catch on in here.

    Tell you guys what - how about trying it out?

    Lets say that I organise a goth shoot this Sunday and try to limit the no. of photogs to 6. Cost is S$65 per photog. Standard equipment and props to be supplied by me as well.

    Interested, please pm me.

    DISCLAIMER: If the response is poor for such shoots, I am unfortunately forced to forego the entire idea. If it catches on, maybe we can try out different themes according to suggestions given by photogs in here. Overseas or even local themes. grin.

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    Sound interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlchan

    Sound interesting.
    thanks for the interest.
    Unfortunately, all 6 slots have been taken up already, so...
    sorry mate
    how about next weekend instead?

    i'm planning to have a mod squad or retro shoot next wk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrie100
    hey everyone, think you should give this a shot. It's quite fun. Very popular here in Brisbane, they're going to go a farm girl theme shoot next weekend. Dont' think a farm theme could work in Singapore, but the goth thing shoulds good. ahyongz, contact Wolfgang, he's got some good locations for goth shoots (or at least I think so).
    Have fun...and be adventurous people...
    farm girl shoot???
    that really IS interesting.
    i've received pms from several clubsnappers who suggested things like HK traid shoots, MATRIX shoots.... any other suggestions? grin. would love to explore all possibilities

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    Default Thank you all

    Dear all,
    thank you so very much for all the interest shown in such theme shoots.

    For this sunday's goth shoot, we already have all 6 slots taken up - sorry to those who expressed interest yet are unavailable to be slotted into the shoot. Once again, thanks for the interest but so sorry. Do keep a lookout for my next shoot next sun k?

    To the 6 photogs, thanks for the prompt transfer of cash. I truly appreciate it. Details have been emailed to you. See you on sunday - Do come prepared and come with your creative juices flowing!!!

    Actually, I would like to hear some feedback from you guys. It would really make it a whole lot more interesting if you guys can pm me suggestions for locations or even concepts or themes you guys wish to try out. That way, I'll see if i can come up with something that everyone will be happy with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrie100
    Hi Ahyongz,
    didn't realise you had so many support, nobody post, thought no one support you. If you're interested to see what some of the other brisbane photographys have been up to with theme shoots, go to Too bad I lost my sunnies and my hair grew long (:P), I used to be able to look a little like trinity. Have the shoulders for it, at least. Good luck and have fun!!!
    trinity? dang. you should come back to sg quickly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrie100
    Probably coming back in Feb. No, don't look like Trinity anymore....only when I had short hair.. If I come back, can I help out with Theme shoots...sounds like fun siah! (Me now)
    as a model or as a coordinator like me?
    either way, its my utter pleasure.

    anyway, great shoot today guys.
    rather spooky.

    we shot at lim chu kang cemetary today. grin.
    guys, feel free to comment on the shoot today or even post photos k?

    btw thx alfie for lending me your reflector


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