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Thread: Eastgear E Series Studio Light

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    Default Eastgear E Series Studio Light


    Anyone use this system b4 ? comes with 3x 120W strobes plus some accesories. Me intend to get one for portrait, will be gladful if anyone can give advise on this equipment. tks

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    120W sounds pretty low for portrait work.

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    assuming you are using it for portraits, fit it with any kind of soft box or honeycomb, and it will virtually turn into a twilight... unless you are shooting with a very open lens or high ISO.
    then again, there's no right or wrong when it comes to utilising equipments. it is up to your creativity to acknowledge the limitations of your equipment and stretch the possibilities. have fun!

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    tks guys for the advise. me now considering between electra 300i and the e series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernardsia
    120W sounds pretty low for portrait work.
    true enough lor.... but me thinking one side use 2*120w and the other side 250w ( got one prolinca 250w ) shd be ok lah, but still need to consider


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