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Thread: Windows XP help!!!

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    I know you all have antivirus, fireware, ids, spyware detector etc.
    But please do yrself a favour, try this software and see how many spyware is hiding inside your peecee. Don't believe? try it and see since it's free:

    Not related to the product and nothing fishy about my intention. It is a good tools that I always recommend and has prove to alot of people that they always have something hiding inside their ms windows. Try and see lor, if nothing found I say u good lor. Some of the spyware/trojan may need admin mode to clean. Let us know how many trojan/spyware was caught using spybot.

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    there's only 1 solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by zod
    there's only 1 solution

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    never ever connect to internet without some form of firewall and anti-virus software. it's like catching you with your pants down.

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