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Thread: using 35mm f1.4 on crop for bokeh portraits - forget it!

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    Default Re: using 35mm f1.4 on crop for bokeh portraits - forget it!

    Quote Originally Posted by alantkh View Post
    I bought it to shoot portraits of my family on my upcoming Trip.

    I have the 14-24mm and 70-200mm so the 35mm is a nice addition. Frankly, when I buy 35mm f1.4, the intention is not to blur the background into oblivion. One of the idea of taking travel portraits for me is the background. It is nice to blur the background a little so the subject pops out though. At 35mm and shooting full body portraits, I THINK I might need f1.4 to get the kind of blur I want. Especially sometimes my subject don't really fill up the frame as I want to show a bit more of the places I go...

    I think the 35mm f1.4 is a very unique lens, hopefullly it will give me a different kind of picture. The 14-24mm and 70-200mm are very distinctive lens.
    You guys are forgetting the reason for fast lens. It's to allow more light into your camera/sensor/film & thus lower ISO=better pics. Bring your 35mm 1.4, you'll need it for night or dark street scenes during travels. If you want sweet bokeh on a bright day, you'll have to attach filters. (I stand corrected)

    For full body with creamy bokeh, yes the longer lens definitely has an advantage. I've tried out Nikon's 105 & 135mm defocus, the 135 is better while primes 200 or even 300 has creamier bokeh @ same aperture eg. F2.8 from the same manufacturer with similar specs.

    Otherwise, choose your background carefully & have your subject make a decent distance.
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    For crop, just get a cheap sigma 30mm f1.4 will do.
    Too bad, they don't make one for FF.

    If DOF bokeh is what u want to play, go FF, difficult on crop.
    For discussion, in term of DOF bokeh
    I think FF body with F4 lens is like crop with F2.8 lens.
    FF + Ef 24-105 f4 is = 1.6crop + efs 17-55 f2.8 is
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