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Thread: Charging for wedding montage

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    Default Charging for wedding montage

    Hello people, I was asked to create a montage but am unsure of the current charges. I have been shooting part time for quite a while, but have never done this before.

    I have done quite a few photo slideshows before though. I would be scanning in some photos for this montage as well.

    Wonder if anyone can give me an idea of how much to charge as I don't want to deviate from the industry rate too much.

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    Default Re: Charging for wedding montage

    Since you mentioned scanning photos in I assumed it's one of those childhood montage? The common mid tiers usually charge around $300 to $500, the low end ones free (haha), and the higher end ones very seldom have these cheesy stuff.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Charging for wedding montage

    The question is how much time do you need to do the montage. Just factor those in when u work out your rates but if u spend a good 2-3 hours, around $500 would be ok.

    The next question is, are you comfortable of doing this? I wouldnt do it if I am not comfortable with the idea. Don't have to do it if this is not something you are comfortable of doing as the result will show and it won't do anyone any good.

    Just my 2c.


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    Check with the couple what is their expectation of montage. Some just wanted the morning shots to be ready and put into a slide show.
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    Default Re: Charging for wedding montage

    Don't forget you need to be properly licensed for all music you use. If not, you can get fined for a lot more.

    3 agencies need to be covered.

    and COMPASS (if the hotel they are playing it did not pay for annual broadcast rights).

    Assuming you need to get all three licenses, if only one video for 1 couple for 1 event, it will cost you around $300 + GST IIRC. They might have changed the rates, you better double confirm.

    If you intend to do this on going, you will need to get annual licenses. If you need to cover all three agencies will cost you around 4500 + GST a year, IIRC.
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    Default Re: Charging for wedding montage

    You should check out this site called...


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    Default Re: Charging for wedding montage

    Quote Originally Posted by agape01 View Post
    You should check out this site called...

    The 1000++ music license look interesting. I wonder do you still have to pay RIPS,MPS, and COMPASS for additional licensing?


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