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Thread: The hottest MP3 & Movie Biatch in Town?

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    Default The hottest MP3 & Movie Biatch in Town?

    Hey guys... need your help (again...)
    I'm looking to pay for legal download of mp3's and movies. i've gone to sites like iTunes and and stuff.

    I wonder if anyone here in ClubSnap pays for downloads?
    And if so, which site do you recommend?

    As with all singaporean-style... must be cheapest, must be bestest, must have the biggest breast!

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    ok, i've come to the conclusion that no one here has tried paying for mp3s. thanks dude

    guess i'll just have to rely on ripping my CD collections then.

    Just in case, if any one can still help me on recommending a cheap and good MP3 paid site, lemme know. I'm a little wary of those "pay for membership and download everything with no per download fee" kind of websites.
    my mp3 player is the archeos one. not ipod. so i guess not compatitble.

    i need to find mp3s to help me listen to covers when i play with my band. that's all folks. thanks for any future help.


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