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Thread: Steve Jobs has passed away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kwok View Post
    I suppose the biography about Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson will be helpful for you to understand the gentleman in more details. It will be launched in 24 Oct, and i have pre-ordered my copy from amazon.
    won't buy it. no space in my room for yet another book but i guess a personal opinion why steve jobs is an inspiration would be good.

    the way he speaks. the way he plans things out (although not always agreeable to some). the way he moves.

    this has always been an inspiration to me, to be able to able to stand up on a stage and talk like that.

    this is something i really admire about the man, and the ideas behind his marketing strategies and ideologies. a man who wouldn't waver even if people protest and stands his ground in confidence.

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    It is indeed sad to lose a visionary.

    Without Steve, we would all be still using DOS command lines... If you knew the history of the PC (personal computer - both Apple or MS), you'd know who brought the interface forwards to mainstream and made computing easy for everyone. He did it again with the iPhone and possibly would have given us mainstream speech interface (probably what Siri is trying to do). So while I am no fanboy (admittedly, I do own a few Apple devices), he did change the world.

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    I think this quote from a blogger at sums it up well..

    He changed computers.
    He changed software.
    He changed design.
    He changed publishing.
    He changed film.
    He changed music.
    He changed advertising.
    He changed retail.
    He changed business.

    He changed beige.

    He changed expectations.
    He changed our minds.

    He changed them.
    He changed us.
    He changed you.

    “Don’t be sad because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

    Now what are you going to change?

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    Arrow Re: Steve Jobs has passed away.

    Jobs death caused by respiratory arrest, cancerBy BROOKE DONALD and RACHEL METZ - Associated Press Writers |
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    To: Whom Is Interested

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    An early interview with Steve Jobs in the 1990s. Very insight to what we did experience and witness today.
    The guy shows visions into the future.

    Either you are in the states, or you will need a US proxy to view the contents.
    An Interview With Steve Jobs | NOVA | PBS Video
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    JOBS new frens in Heaven

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