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Thread: Lens with focus issue?

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    Default Lens with focus issue?

    Sorry, still new to DSLR...

    I recently brought a Tammy 17-50... mounted on Nikon D3100
    Issue here is that i try to focus on an object, but somehow the picture does not really focus on the point where i place the fieldviewer to be... seem that its more focus few inches back the object.

    Use my Kit lens, it does not have this issue though... initially tot it might be camera's back focusing issue or something, (read from other post)

    Question is, Lens will also have back focus issue?
    if yes, where can i get it fixed?
    if no, is there any other solution?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Lens with focus issue?

    Get a focus test chart, use your tripod, read the instructions, perform the test. Post the image here for further discussions. Tamron Service Center SG is with JEL Corporation.

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    Default Re: Lens with focus issue?

    okie... will get it done tonight... just got the chart from the net... hehehe
    Thank you


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