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Thread: DMW-LWZ10 Wide-Angle Lens

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    Default DMW-LWZ10 Wide-Angle Lens

    Anybody has the DMW-LWZ10 Wide-Angle Lens for the FZ10 or FZ20? How is the performance of this conversion lens?

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    Not many would want to pay that kind of price for a conversion lens.

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    If i am not wrong, someone told me before that it is 400 ++ for the wide angle lens...

    So if u get a phayee ring with step down from 62-55, that will cost around 50
    depends on how many pple u buy it with... then plus a Olympus Wcon07 for $180 and Olympus Tcon17 for $150... that is only like total of $380 and you can get the best of both worlds for less...


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    Thanks for the comments. $400 plus for a 29mm may not be worth it.


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