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Thread: 20th World Orchid Conference Photography Competition

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    Default 20th World Orchid Conference Photography Competition

    World Orchid Conferences have been held every three years since 1954, without interruption, each time in a different global city. The 20th WOC, “Where New and OldWorld Orchids Meet” will be held from 13 - 20 November 2011 at Marina Bay, co-organised by National Parks Board and The Orchid Society of South East Asia, supported by the World Orchid Conference Trust.

    The organisers of the 20th World Orchid Conference in Singapore are setting up a number of competitions, in addition to the floral competitions, including a Photography Competition. We hope you will join us in taking part in this event.

    Photography Competition
    The theme is “Enchanting Orchids” and entries are accepted under the following classes:

    • Class 212. Photography - Orchid Portraits
    Orchid flowers against a void background. Flowers must predominate.

    • Class 213. Photography - Orchids in situ
    Orchid flowers against a natural background. Flowers must predominate. Includes native or tropical orchids in habitat, naturalized orchids, orchids in displays or nurseries etc.

    • Class 214. Photography - Orchid Fantasy
    Includes extreme close-ups, abstractions, composites, all digital manipulation etc. Recognizable orchid parts must be dominant.

    Closing Date
    Closing date for applications is 12pm Singapore time on 25 October 2011.

    Judging and Awards
    Entries in each Class will be eligible for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Ribbons.
    Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals may also be awarded to especially meritorious entries at the discretion of Judges.
    The Best Photograph Trophy will be awarded to the best entry in the Photography Competition.

    Winning Entries
    Winning entries will also be displayed at the World Orchid Show from 13 – 20 November at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

    Rules and Entry Forms
    Full details of each of the competitions, including entry forms, are available from the 20th World Orchid Conference website www.

    More information at the 20th World Orchid Conference website.

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    Default Re: 20th World Orchid Conference Photography Competition

    This competition wants to use your picture but doesn't want to pay.
    All the best to the organisers.

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    Default Re: 20th World Orchid Conference Photography Competition

    Curious.. beside Ribbons & Medals is there any cash prize?

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    Default Re: 20th World Orchid Conference Photography Competition

    7. Organiser’s rights
    7b. The organisers reserve the right to reproduce, display and distribute any submitted
    photography entries for publication, on an Internet Website and/or display in any
    media without obtaining further prior permission and payment of any fees to the
    Where any photograph is reproduced, the entrant will be credited.

    8. Copyright Issues
    The Organiser
    8e. By entering the competition, the Entrant grants the Organisers perpetual, nonexclusive
    royalty free license to reproduce, display, distribute and show any of the
    Entrant’s submission for the following purposes:
    i. Operating, administering and promoting the competition;
    ii. Displaying the entrant’s submission on this competition website and/or
    Sponsors’ website.
    iii. Issuing a media release or making media pitches with images regarding
    winning entries.
    iv. Usage of the entrant’s submission during our roadshows, exhibitions and in
    publications both printed and online.

    with no cash prizes... its just another typical contest front but actual purpose is to use entrant's photos to company's advantage kind of contest. *thumbs down*

    i will rather sell my photos to stock photo agencies.
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