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Thread: Shell Declared Force Majeure

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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    Will it affect petrol price ? I go supper now and pump full tank ...
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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    Act of God ? i dont think God started that fire on Bukom

    They're trying to back off their OTC deals without getting sued for delivery default
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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    Let's see now... War? Nope. Earthquake? Nope. Typhoon? Nope. Volcanic eruption? Nope. A human goof-up? Most likely!

    So where is "force majeure" there? :P

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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    No use. They are not the Courts of Law.
    If their business partners sue them, the Court that will decide whether it is an Act of God.
    Due to the high amount of money involved, most likely both will engage Senior Counsel and the legal fight will go to High Court.
    If the Fire Service or SCDF official report is that the fire was due to specific reason (and not an Act of God), then wait and see.
    The business partners may not sue because they want to preserve long term business relationship.
    If they don't sue, Shell will be appreciative and future dealings will be especially cordial.

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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    Act of god or not, their bottom line will definitely be whacked. Force Majuere because they cannot supply as promise due to technical inavailability from the fire.

    Force Majeure for customers (not business partners like you mention) means they can just get from other source (ExxonMobil/SRC) but Shell reputation as a reliable supplier will be affected.

    No need to sue here and there. It's business as usual. Maybe once operations is up, Shell give them discount!!!! Definitely it won't trickle down to enduser.

    It's a business chain, from the other perspective when the economy was down a few years ago, demand for oil derivatives was so low some customer had to cancel shipment and no one was sued. They just had to sell these supply somewhere else at a cheaper value and ramp down operations.

    I see no issue actually about this declaration of force majuere.
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    Default Re: Shell Declared Force Majeure

    Scared then go M'sia pump..
    My betting kakis always do that..


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