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Thread: Liberated by disasters by Robin Low

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    Default Liberated by disasters by Robin Low

    wonder how the immediate aftermath of the Japan Tsunami look like?
    You must not miss this photo exhibition.
    Viewing & understanding other people's suffering will make you cherish your life more.

    Robin will be in Singapore again. His Article - Liberated by disasters

    #relief20 is in PublicHouse
    Robin will be at Orchard Central on Oct 1, running a photo exhibit on the Ground Floor RYSEC Event.
    Robin Low is a photographer who travels to disaster areas around the world to do his work. Here, he gives his views on what it is like to be on the ground and how he keeps himself going.

    For those that have met Robin & seen his work, would be touched. I hope that you guys could support him in his effort.

    Ship lies in the middle of Ishinomaki, more than 2km from the shore. A car is wedged onto the ship and piles of debris are collected around them.
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    Default Re: Liberated by disasters by Robin Low

    Come support Relief 2.0

    Photos mounted starting from $10 for sale

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    Default Re: Liberated by disasters by Robin Low

    is this still on ?
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close


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