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Thread: Big cameras safe?

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    Being extra careful is just to reduce the risk and does not guarantee u r fine. These scums will look for easier targets but if u r targetted, then u should not doubt their expertise and experience is sufficient against your vigilance. Many tourist with big dslr are lucky, but there is always some who are unlucky. How many times have u heard someone who is targeted and managed to outwit and foil a professional pickpocket that work in pair or group?

    Pickpocketiing flourish cos the local culture is tolerant to it as petty crime (afterall victims are tourist) and local police is indifferent, incompetent and go not go an extra mile. But they will do the least to fill up the police record so that u can make your insurance. Do note most policies will cover only one body and one lens (not stated clearly in their policies) and up to a limited value. So it helps if your lens are in separate bags or if u only bring one lens out. Whereas in-house theft is more common at dodgy places in poor countries, hotels are safer than on your body in these countries

    Travel light is helpful, as u will be more likely to strap your stuff on your body at all times and easier to check your stuff on the go. When someone approach, had the habit of immediately putting your hands over important stuff. All the above advices from the others are also good and last of all, gd luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnagIt View Post
    It's all about distraction and body language. If it didn't happen to you then you wouldn't think it's possible. Watch this (just for fun)

    Professional Theif robs 4 men on stage! - YouTube
    that was fun to watch....scary at the same time...can become paranoid when people touch me now..hahaa..thanks for sharing.
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