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Thread: Auction question...

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    Default Auction question...

    Just received a question from one of my yahoo auctions....

    "hello seller,
    this is the sales manager carr & set affliated store we are located in

    here in

    united kingdom. we deal with exporting of goods to african countries

    and the Uk as well. we are interested in immediate purchase of your

    items .
    we do buy items ranging from a units to as more product as u could supply

    readily for shipping.. however, there is a limit to the items we can buy for a

    start. we mostly handle shipping and handling on our own thru fedex or DHL

    so u dont have to bother urself on shipping down to africa or in the UK
    but to start with we will like to ask general questions about the items :
    1) do you accept western union auction payments, where ur money will be

    delivered to u at home thru their agents meaning that u dont have to pay any
    charges on the money?
    2) will u be able to ship out the items as soon as the western union auction

    payments bank forward to u a payment confirmation letter which will

    contain the order approved number which u will use to claim ur money when

    the payments voucher is brought to u at home for signing?
    3) how many of this products do u have instocks for immediate shipping as

    soon as the money sent is confirmed?
    4) whats their respective best prices?
    5) immediatly the payment is made we will send the shipping documents (shipping
    label and shipping commercial invoice)

    if u want to reply this message, do so by mailing me directly at : so that your mail can be quickly treated
    sales manager

    Fairfax Street
    CV1 5RP
    United Kingdom

    Anyone else received this before or who like to try??

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    hmmm.. i received it... but i didnt want to do the transaction.. sounds tempting but... hey... is it worth the risk ? consider the fact that scammers are going all out to scam our money....

    ask for it's business registration number, followed by the company details and the address.

    check for websites if any, den if u have the friend in the country, ask him/her to check for u if this place realli existed and ask your friend to approach the manager to get the transaction done with a middle man.

    i usually dun trust such things la....

    esp when i saw the ad on Adpost by a user from MEdan... trying to sell a D2h at 2k... juz when i tot i can get a spare body.. HAH...

    scammer.. lucky i didnt fall for his trap... wanted me to send the money over first... hAH... and i even invited him to batam for the transaction and offered to pay for his trip... his reply... dun wan.. batam dangerous.. hahaha...

    so its ur item its ur product... if i were u.... every item... receive $ den ship out.. if not.. get the middle man or the bank to get the transaction done.. if not ... COD...

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    I agree. Highly suspicious.

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    never tried western union payments b4. paypal works for me....

    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye

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    sounds like scam
    but u can scam them back
    tell them the usual seller's scam tactic
    "send me the money via western union
    i will ship the items once i receive the money"

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    haa...i won't wana try....satisfied with my LOCAL clients so far...


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