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Thread: Please give me your advice ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bell-Bell View Post
    After read the review of SB700. Can I say that , SB900 can reach far distance that SB700? Is there any other function , as compare SB700 to SB900?
    The answer is in the link I provided above. Anyway I'll copy them here:

    Main Advantages SB-900 over SB-700
    ■ more powerful (GN 34 versus 28)
    ■ PC sync socket (useful for off camera flash)
    ■ wider zoom range from 17-200mm (12mm with wide panel)
    ■ external power pack connector
    ■ multi flash / stroboscopic mode
    ■ auto exposure mode

    Advantages SB-700 over SB-900
    ■ clearly smaller and lighter (SB-900 is too big)
    ■ cheaper (SB-900 is at around $440)
    ■ better solution for color filters (hard plastic vs flimsy gels)
    ■ thermal cutout mode seems more advanced – slowing down recycle time rather than blocking the whole unit
    So yes, with higher guide number, the SB900 is more powerful and can reach farther than the SB700. It also has a zoom head that can zoom to 200mm vs 135mm (please note that this does not mean SB700 cannot be used for 200mm lens, it is just that the flash beam is not optimised to the FOV of 200mm to reach farther distance), and 17mm vs 24mm (without using the wide diffuser) of the SB700. It also has some functions which are not present in the SB700, e.g. overriding the iTTL-BL mode to iTTL mode (SB700 can only set to non BL iTTL mode under spot metering), auto aperture mode, non TTL auto flash, etc. And it is much larger and heavier and more expensive. Which one should you go for, depends on your budget and preference for size/weight vs functionalities. Do you need the extra functions of the SB900? I would say no at the moment. But of course if you go with the SB900 it will save you some money in upgrading in case you do want the upgrade in the future.
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    Default Re: Please give me your advice ?

    Nissin Di866 Mk II - supports iTTL-BL... and a GN of 40... plus S$316...

    Unfortunately, like the SB900, it is BIG and HEAVY... For beginners, I feel the iTTL/iTTL-BL is a must...

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