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Thread: PLAY@SAE - Graduates meet the Freshmans 2011

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    Dear All,

    You are cordially invited to:


    LOCATION: HOMECLUB (The Riverwalk Galleria)
    Day: 6th October 2011
    Time: 7pm - 2am
    Entry is FREE


    A collaboration between SAE Institute and HomeClub to showcase aspiring talents,
    young artists and their creative minds.

    A Party for the Graduating batch of 2011 and Freshmans who just joined us in September 2011.

    Do bring your friends and family down to join us as there will be a showcase of student works and live performances by our very own graduates and lecturers

    Live Performances:

    - Unc.SID (Cutesy/Upbeat/Acoustic Rock) -
    - 7th Storey (Alternative Industrial Rock) -
    - KnightsFall (Alternative Pop Rock) -
    - Amanda Tee + the dugong warriors - (Alternative Rock) -

    DJ Sets:

    - Bryo (Dubstep) -
    - NEZ (Drum & Bass) -
    - Andrew Ho (Trance) -

    See You there!!!
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    We are all digital now. Your mac can compose music in the morning, animate a film in the afternoon and hack code for a mobile app in the evening if you want.

    But how to make a living?

    Startup Weekend is a way to try building a business online in just 54 hours, hooking up with creative people with very diverse experiences. There is a big prize for a winning team but many people will just come along for fun, to try some crazy idea they have been boring their friends about over beer for months, or to learn new stuff about design, interactivity, coding or business.

    It is a great opportunity for any creative person wanting to start a business and the person running JDFI Asia is a good friend and excellent business mentor.


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