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Thread: Best way to sharpen fotos for the web?

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    Default Best way to sharpen fotos for the web?

    I find that after resizing photos from 3008X2000 to 600X400, the fotos come out looking soft. As a newbie, I just use the 'sharpen' command in photoshop due to my lack of knowledge but it makes the pics look artificial & overly sharpened. I heard a colleague mention unsharp mask as a better tool, hope U guys can help

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    can see for step by step

    but be cautious. too much USM (unsharp mask) will sometimes make your photo look weird in print. USM will also emphasize any noise that's already present in your photo but this can be solved by using some noise removal filter.

    if you want to pay, i feel focus magic is better cos it uses a different algo for sharpening but it's slower than USM.

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    If you are using Photoshop, try the following Unsharp Mask settings :-

    Amount : between 200-300%
    Radius : between 0.2 - 0.5
    Threshold : between 3 - 5

    normally, I do 300% : 0.3 : 4

    If you have more time, duplicate the layer, USM the top layer and do a blend at between 65-85% opacity then flatten the image.

    All the above can be done via Actions so that you can have a custom one-button post-processing/USM/save feature.

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    Thanks dudes!


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