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Thread: Sunset at Lausanne

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    Default Sunset at Lausanne

    1) in what area is critique to be sought?
    HDR technique/result

    2) what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    Just a typical photo of sunset with great blue skies and brown, limestone-like building. Wanted to bring out the beauty of these three things.

    3) under what circumstances is the picture take? (physical conditions/emotions)
    On the streets. Sunset but Sun was still pretty strong. The front ground would be dark or the skies burnt out, hence the HDR.

    4) what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    the sun rays were a bonus. Didn't knew they rays were that pronounced. liked the details of the buildings. composition could possibly be better but it was just a stretch of level ground there. sort of dislike the sun glow/halo (what ever you call it), tried my best to contain the contrast and highlight of the sun.
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    Default Re: Sunset at Lausanne

    The sun rays is indeed bonus, but the overall image lack of composition. If i can't at one glance see what is it telling me, then I am not interested to see more. If you get what I mean ? I need to see the subject immediately. Once I'm interested, I will spend more time look at the details and stuffs around it. The bottom left building is better to be demolished in this photo because it is immediately blocking the lovely sunlight. You could also adjust the perspective and make the buildings more vertically looking instead of squeezing towards the top because your lens is slanted upwards above the horizon when you took this picture.

    It's easy to tell this is a HDR before I even read that it is. It has the surreal effect of one.

    IMHO, upon 10, I give 4.
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    Default Re: Sunset at Lausanne

    True indeed. The longer I looked at it I feel the composition really quite not up to the mark.

    Hmm.. Couldn't crop out the left building as the rays were there. I thought the right building looked upright enough. I will take your comments into consideration and try another version. When I find the time to. Thanks for commenting! helped my learning.
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    Default Re: Sunset at Lausanne

    Crop it down to this

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    Default Re: Sunset at Lausanne

    Thanks for the crop.
    CAn see the effect clearly now. I did sort of liked the left buildings and the flags there. But they are quite the sore in the eye.
    Lesson learnt.
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    Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

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