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    For TABLE OF CONTENTS of all images in this thread please see Page 19

    What's featured on this Page 49....

    NOTICE: If you don't see the images in some of the older posts means I had used up the 10GB bandwidth for this month. I'm sorry these pictures can no longer be viewed until next month where the counter will be reset to zero and the pictures would then appear again. For the newer posts I am using another account so it is not affected. Enjoy !

    Banpresto - World Collectable Figure II - Lupin The Third LT-III VII

    Lupin III also written as Lupin the Third is a Japanese manga series that follows the escapades of master thief Arsène Lupin III (this character shown here). In the story he is acknowledged by virtually every law agency on earth as the world's number one thief. Often in his adventures, he and his colleagues will take it upon themselves to foil other criminals engaged in more violent crimes.

    His infatuation with women, and Fujiko Mine in particular, is perhaps his biggest weakness, as it often lands him in undesirable situations....
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