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    Default X files style?

    Hi all, posting two pics which I submitted for digital life II. I modified them with my image viewer but didn't do so for the competition. Here they are:

    Meant for My World, I wasn't looking at perspective shots, more of a descriptive picture that would convey how I was feeling at that time and what I was looking forward to. So I chose a "tunnel with a light at the end" but not the usual tunnel vision sequence. Blurred it on purpose with manual focus to create a more dream like state.

    And here's what I would have really wanted

    For Island Life, I was pretty stumped, the picture was taken at Labrador Park and was not my first choice photo but alas, the subject that I had found was near the end of the time slot and I couldn't get a good one. The subject as you would have guessed is an animal and the fella wouldn't keep still so I chose this as an alternative.

    Comments and criticisms are most welcome. Thanks.
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    prefer the first photo..

    the idea quite special but i think for me, i would reduce the dark area or take more of the lights at the top.


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    i prefer the 1st pic itchy.... 2nd one is too extreme for me...

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    Hi Itchy..I suppose the first picture would be good if the lights on top are longer leading from the top of the photo to the bottom, where the tunnel entrance is. The longer and brighter lights might lead the eye towards the person in the middle of the tunnel.

    Not sure what you are trying to take in the 2nd picture. Maybe emphasize the actual path and the sign? Colour perhaps?


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