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    1) in what area is critique to be sought?
    Is the intent of the subject in the photograph being appropriately portrait?

    2) what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    The ancient chinese tradition of solving chinese lantern riddles during mooncake festival is very rarely practiced in Singapore. The photographer hopes to lead the audience to make an effort to solve a lantern riddle. The riddle on this lantern is (translated to english): scissors two pairs, chopsticks four pairs, a big fat lady carrying a big frame. Guess a type of animal. Can you guess the answer?

    3) under what circumstances is the picture take? (physical conditions/emotions)
    The photograph is taken at a corridor at night with a tube of fluorescent overhead. There is a candle burning in the lantern which emits most of the candlelight colours. Post-processing is minimal where only white balance, exposure and contrast were being adjusted.

    4) what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    The focus of the photograph has been sharply captured which leads the audience to wonder what is written on the lantern. Then the audience realise its a riddle and may attempt to solve the riddle.
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    Can't even see the riddle clearly. It does not generate much interest in me.
    I'm a PCW in newbie section. Hi. Welcome! :)

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    Thanks for your comment. Lesson learnt.
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    you should probably zoom on the wording. That would get the effect you wish to achieve
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    I think the composition is not bad. The colours are nice.

    Don't think I need to read the words, though that would be a plus.

    I do think you could try increase the contrast of the black fonts to make the words stand out more.
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    Over feel is good.. but since your aim is the poetry.. think the lantern design does not suit your aim.. maybe change another lantern, and light it on shoot in the night and focus on the words more. Plus do a bit of blurring effect to make your words more stand out maybe would be better? But this are just my thought.. hope it help?

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