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Thread: looking for donation of Handphone

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    Default looking for donation of Handphone


    I need 3 usable 2nd hand handphone, I'll be giving them to 3 of my friends from the 1/2 way house. They have moved out to start life on the "outside" so a handphone would be good for them to keep intouch as well as for convenience in their jobs.

    They just need something they can use to make calls and SMS, they will be using it with a pre-paid sim card.

    If you have an old handphone laying around, and would like to give it to those guys, please email me to let me know

    if you want to chip in to buy them a pre-paid sim card you're most welcome too

    to have an idea of my current project


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    i dun have any old handphones, but i applaud what you're doing. it's glad to know there're people around who care.

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