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Thread: Would you stay in such a hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenleonhart View Post
    we just use a lot of salt and pepper. msg might work too.
    huh? are you sure?

    I got a friend who was an assistant to a medium, he said salt is needed by the ghosts for rejuvenating their "energies".

    To drive out a ghost, just use uncooked rice grains to throw at "them".

    Others include kids' urine, or rooster's or black dog's blood (but quite inconvenience).
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBTM View Post
    Before you enter a hotel room, knock first, says that you are going to stay there for some time. Then open the door, let them "out" first before you enter. It's a form of respect and so, it's up to you whether to do it or not. I went to china last yr, stays alone in the same room for few days and still ok. As long you dont do bad things to other, those "things" wouldn't bother you one. Anyway, I do "send" items to our bro/sis during lunar 7th month. I also will die one day, think of that, I also need other to give me some "pocket $" next time, haha!
    open the door suddenly and SHOUT GET OUT ALL THE GHOST GET OUT! so u can expect to be become another person and act weirdly ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealDreamWalker View Post
    Believe it or not is up to you.

    Every hotels in the world has a 'special' room reserved for the 'guest'. It is best not to take this 'special' room if all rooms are fully booked.

    extracted from somewhere:

    "Hotel Taboos:
    For those who are travelling, they may want to be cautious when staying in hotels. The hotel is considered as a "yin place" and is normally a favorite settlement for ghosts. The following are some tips that one can follow when staying in hotels to prevent ghostly encounters:
    1. Provide a respectful knock on the bedroom door before you enter for the first time.
    2. Avoid entering the room right away. Whisper to yourself that you are renting the room to stay temporarily, as a form of asking permission. Let any spirit leave the bedroom first before you enter.
    3. Place your pair of shoes or sandals facing the door. The shoes must be away from the bed. One side of the shoe points to the door and the other side point inwards.
    4. Display a glass of salt water next to your bed. Salt is an excellent antidote for dirty energy.
    5. You are encouraged to flush the toilet bowl first before using it.
    6. You are also encouraged to avoid wearing black or striking red colored clothings.
    7. Normally there is a bible or quran in the drawers. Please avoid touching or moving them from their original positions.
    8. Always keep the toilet's door closed with lights turned off when you go to sleep.
    9. Try to avoid facing the mirror when you sleep. If the mirror is designed in this manner, try to cover it with a towel.
    10. Avoid placing any shoe next to the bed when sleeping. ...

    I would like to add the last rule

    no 101. NEVER TAKE A PICTURE IN ANY CORNERS OF THE ROOM... your camera sensor get burned.

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