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Thread: Anyone using Aperture 3?

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    Default Anyone using Aperture 3?

    I moved to a mac recently, and was wondering if Aperture 3 is a good piece of software as a professional-grade editing tool. Prior to using a mac I used Lightroom on windows.

    Anyone using it? Please advice, and if possible how does it compare with Lightroom. '


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    Default Re: Anyone using Aperture 3?

    Lightroom also comes with a Mac version. If you are happy with it then you can continue using it. License key can be used as well.
    Aperture and Lightroom have trial versions, you can download and compare for 30 days. There are also demo videos.

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    You can download the 30 day trial.

    Only briefly tried it. It does not have layers n is less featured than Elements for about the same price. Yes you can add layers with addon but at a price.

    The good part is the more flexible album layout than iPhoto, my reason fir trying it but not likely to go with it.

    If used for pic culling n album layout, think iPhoto is good enough. If need more edit power, go with Elements. Not comparing with Lightroom as have never tried it.

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    Default Re: Anyone using Aperture 3?

    I like aperture skin smoothing, more natural than lightroom.
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