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Thread: SONY NEX-5N - User Experience Review

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    My version was taken with minolta 50mm f1.2 rokkor via adaptor.

    It's partly highly compressed for web res.

    It's sharp enough for my liking.

    As mentioned on my post, this is a great camera for those who own legendary manual lenses. Current range is still quite small.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapperbox View Post
    OK, I was initially quite disappointed in this clicking sound news for NEX5N but after trying out my GF3, it also has the same clicking noise during video in a quiet environment and when I try to move faster or shake the camera.

    Its not the shoulder strap lug since GF3 doesnt have them.

    It also can't be the orientation sensor noise since GF3 also doesnt have it.

    So what could it be? My guess probably is the noise coming from the movement of the dust removing mechanism.....

    So in summary, the clicking noise in Nex5N is NO issue since it happens to other camera as well.

    Here's a video I took this morning with GF3 and 14m lens.

    Weird, the same type of sound!

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