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Thread: Tagging and Naming of photos

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    Was wondering how you folks tag/name your photos? I have recently started uploading my photos to flickr and would like to tag them properly. Also, I have mostly kept the default camera file names. Doesnt sound like a good idea but I lack the imagination to name so many photos at one go! haha.

    Anyone has a simple, effective system? Any advice would be great.


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    What about the software that came with your camera? Make sure that during export / upload all exif data are kept intact and flickr should display your tags. Technical file names are irrelevant, tags and caption (if you really need) can be added and changed anytime. If you want to have a workflow tool with image management, image manipulation and upload to flickr, Facebook and others then have a look at Adobe Lightroom.

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    after i return from shoot, when i back up my pix, i would organise by
    event & date

    So online pix sharing will tag in similar manner

    Main folder : <event/location> <with what frenz or group> <Date>
    example: NightFest w Robin 04Sept2011

    then in the main folder, break into sub folders
    examples: Dinner, performances, light shows...etc
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    If your photo-management software has IPTC function, you may add details into various fields for tagging with the pictures. Some of the fields are:
    -- name, contact information and copyright notice of photographer
    -- address of the venue where photograph is taken
    -- title or caption and description of photograph taken

    You may also choose to standardize the file name like "YYYYMMDD_MainTitle_99_Subtitle" for easy recall

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    thanks for the replies

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    I usually tag my pictures on Flickr with

    <My personnel comment about the picture> <Event> <Place> <City> <Country> <Lens>

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