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    Default guilt....

    if i don't say this out i'll always feel the pinch....

    don't you guys feel that the MO for the clubsnap polo tee is a bit too expensive? $30 for a Polo Tee that has your name on it with clubsnap logo....
    with my experiences of printing of tees and polo tees, costs per pc will drop once a certain MOQ has reached..... normally, $25 per polo tee with such specs are charged because the order size is less than 40pcs....

    many polo tees are priced at this range with their market brand on it....

    I had asked Darren but he said he has already 'contracted' with his preferred supplier. Aslo the tees are more expensive due to the quality that was chosen. Sigh... I shld have just kapoh earlier.

    I had got a quotation at prices of $11 and $14 for the polo tee that is with the embrioderied logo and addtional customisation respectively(though i enquired only 2 colors black and white).... How much would the quality differ to expect a price difference of ard 50%?

    quality of polo tee? honeycomb material? 100% cotton? Weightage of the material? Quality of the embriodery? Tighter knit? higher QA? I really got no idea how far can the quality go or if it's worth it.

    in case people do not know much abt the garment industry, clothings are cheap.... dirt cheap. wholesale prices for female clothings can go like $2 per piece when they sell for $20 per piece in bugis....

    There is around 150 pcs being ordered in the thread so far.... if estimate each pc of polo tee can save $10, it'll already be a savings of $1500. Is clubsnap earning for the upkeep of this free nice site?

    When I see a MO being conducted, i will think that it is a cheaper good deal given to CS pple...

    Posted here for bo liao people like me..... study too much need to look elsewhere to de stress.... instead found more guilt and stress when i think so much money wasted going to the printer instead of clubsnap... imagine we can upgrade the storage space for all memebers with the money!! sighz....

    i think i'm just crazy. ignore me.

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    Its nice that you decided to voice out. But it seems that you are taking aim at someone along the line making a profit out of this. You seem to suggest that not only is the clothing printer/supplier making money out of this, so is Clubsnap. I apologize if I have misunderstood your exam stress-related ramblings.

    I don't feel $30 is too expensive for a polo t-shirt, even though I am not speaking with my wallet (being out of town). You can consider it a custom shirt or whatever, if you value such brands as Nike or other brand name on your t-shirt, well, you don't get Clubsnap's logo on it.

    From previous experiences, usually the organizers of t-shirt printing has to get a quotation from suppliers before publishing the price. There may have been a price deemed fair to both parties such that an agreement was made.

    Given you have come up with figures for a competing brand, ostensibly also a polo t-shirt with customization, would it be in the same quality as what Darren is offering? By this, I mean anything, it could be equal, it could be worse, it could be better, I give you the benefit of doubt.

    You mention that a $2 item of clothing sells for $20 at Bugis. Similarly the (your) clothing supplier is making perhaps $7-9 on what you quote $11 for. The Bugis retailer is making $18. That is their profit margin, which offsets their fixed overheads and other costs.

    This site is nice and free as you so rightly say. Labour to upkeep the site is a labour of love, but webspace is not free, bandwidth is not free. Someone had been paying out of his own pocket for the upkeep of this site, and the time has come to ask the population who use the site to put something back in. Would it go down easier for people to pay a donation and get nothing back, or pay $30 for a customized polo-shirt that announces their proud affliation with this website, part of which goes to help upkeep the site?

    In any case, is there a need to be completely transparent with regard to the cost prices? Businesses seldom if ever reveal what is their cost of raw material, input costs, and even cost prices of their product to the end user.

    If you feel consumed with guilt that you didn't pay the absolute bottom dollar, in line with your perception of an MO, for your polo shirt, then don't buy it.

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    r32!!! nice nice!

    good to have someone to comment. me getting bored again. it's true that business will never need to be transparent esp when profits are being made. however i had never in any way viewed clubsnap as a business entity unless they are going to be so. I had always viewed this place as a site that has been generously started by a few working adults whoose passion for photography sparked them off. maybe it's just my wrong views of this nice site.... but shld they ever need funds to boost up the server or storage there's always avenues of donations or have any sort of fund raising.

    if that's the case, R32 aren't u suggesting that the MOs that clubsnap had been doing might had been beneficial to them? maybe i'm just too innocent?

    it's a simple point of view..... i have thought that by having a MO, it'll mean economy of scale, hence cheaper better priced products for everyone. hence the name mass order comes about isn't it? however, if the MO is high priced with different agenda, then shouldn't it be simply a case of sales instead of MO?

    anyway i do find it offensive that u had said this.....
    'If you feel consumed with guilt that you didn't pay the absolute bottom dollar, in line with your perception of an MO, for your polo shirt, then don't buy it.'

    guilt? in the sense that if i know that everyone can save so much more, yes. i feel guilty if i don't mention it. if i can get a free polo by saving $1500 from a group of people, why not? or if Darren had gotten a lousy deal from a supplier, then people in CS can know about the current market prices and make an informed decision. a difference of 50% is definitely not my range of MO prices. if it's just $2 or $5 per shirt, why not? but it's a jump of twice the costs.... i would rather clubsnap earning the money then to have the doubt that a printer will be earning the savings that we could have by asking for a few more quotations.

    did darren ever mention that by buying the tees we will all help in supporting this site? If he had mentioned it, I'll keep my mouth shut. if he hadn't mention it, shouldn't in view of all the trust we had placed in him have a certain degree of transparency?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren
    Yes its the same supplier but the following have changed :-

    1. T-shirt sizes have been changed to Asian size (previous was US sizes).
    2. Cost has gone up approx 30% from previous MO.

    Thus can't really use the old t-shirt as a gauge (maybe very rough gauge only).

    However, the quality of the t-shirts and embroidery are of course same/better than the previous MO. That is the #1 consideration we had when negotiating with the supplier.
    after reviewing all of your points i do agree that i'm just nitpicking. me bad. the polo seems so ex..... i'm a even more broke student though i wanted it.....

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    C'mon guys,this is a great site, the regular MO and good deals brought in by the admin, and heaps of info, and good Buy/Sell thread... and we are using this site free~!

    They want to earn some money to keep this site running? why not? I'll be glad to support. think of the overall picture dude, not just about ur pocket no money...

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    Just buy one.. Im sure $25 is a small fraction of what you spent on your equipment.
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