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Thread: Creative Crew Meeting - Photo, Web and Presentation

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    Default Creative Crew Meeting - Photo, Web and Presentation

    The Creative Crew will be giving a free presentation on:

    Date/Time: Sept 13, 2011. 6.45 to 8.45pm.
    Venue: Woodlands Regional Library, Prog Zone,
    900 South Woodlands Drive, Woodlands Civic Centre, #01-03 Singapore 730900

    To register go this this registration site:

    Better Presentations

    Haven't we through presentations were we squinted to read the small text and watched the presenter read their slides. Aren't we bored of PowerPoints were the presenters just dumped numbers and figures and tried to hide the dull content with fancy transitions? Let us try a better way of doing presentations where we use pictures to tell interesting stories to bring home the points. We will also services where we can find images to illustrate our concepts. And finally we will at look at some web services that help us include the audience in our presentations.

    Preetam Rai is a frequent speaker at tech events across Asia. He works with educators, non-profits and startups helping them better engage with their audience. Preetam is an Apple Distinguished Educator and he is online at

    Singapore Joomla UserGroup (sneak peek)
    Joomla is one of the most powerful Content Management System available online. It makes up to 2.7% of worldwide website. It means more than 100 million websites made in Joomla. An official user group made in Singapore is about to be launched. If you are keen to learn more about Joomla, keep your eyes open during this session.

    Stefano Virgilli is an Adobe Community Professional in Photoshop, Adobe Certified Instructor Design Master at VOX LAB Singapore.

    Cinemagraph - Subtle motion in a photograph

    Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg from New York have re-ignited the interested in .gif files by creating a stunning effect to any photograph. Using subtle motions at appropriate points, an enigmatic effect can be added to a still picture. This time, we will learn how to use a video and edit it in photoshop to create this kind of image with subtle motion that the creators call "Cinemagraph".
    Sayanee Basu is a full-stack web developer as she dabbles with both code and design. She's also frequently seen sharing and engaging with the local startup scene through podcasts, open source and talks. Sayanee can be contacted through twitter @sayanee_

    The making of a corporate video in After Effects (3 minutes video)

    Look behind the scene of Adobe After Effects: a 3 minutes exciting reconstruction by Mohit Sebastian, the author of "LABers we think in color".
    Lightroom magic tools


    If you are one of those photographers who think that Photoshop is too much and Bridge is not enough, then consider Lightroom. Learn how to apply effects and adjustments using a gradient or a brush. Bring your own laptop to try it live with the speaker!

    Stefano Virgilli is an Adobe Community Professional in Photoshop, Adobe Certified Instructor Design Master at VOX LAB Singapore.
    Poster image:
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    Default Re: Creative Crew Meeting - Photo, Web and Presentation

    Signed up already. Thanks for the heads up.


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