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Thread: Need help on FA 77 focusing stuck

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    Default Need help on FA 77 focusing stuck

    I have no idea whether anyone here ever faced the same problem but I seem cannot find any similar thread. My FA 77 yesterday suddenly had some trouble with focusing, the focus ring only move from min. distance 0.7m to 6m and not able to focus any further to infinity in both manual and auto focus. I also noticed some abnormally loud noise when the focusing moves. Any of you could tell me what's wrong with it? Is it possible for me to fix or I need to send to camera repair shop and where should I send it to 'cos I have no idea whether Pentax has any service center in Singapore. Thank you very much, guys.

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    You should not try to turn the focusing ring further if it got stuck. If you force it, you may break some bearing guide inside the lens.

    You better bring the lens to the pentax service centre to let them take a look.

    I had similar problem with my 77 in the past a couple of years ago. Kelvin the service technican had mine send to japan to has it fix.


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    Default Re: Need help on FA 77 focusing stuck

    Thanks a lot for your info, luckily I did not force it further. Okay, will visit Singapore service center and see how.

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    It's a loosing screw inside. As seafone said, better don't turn the focusing ring anymore. Send it to service center to have it repaired.


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