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Thread: Talk by Stefen Chow, 11th September 2011, Vivocity

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    Default Talk by Stefen Chow, 11th September 2011, Vivocity

    Hi all,

    I work with Stefen Chow, and he will be giving a talk organised by Nikon and National Geographic this Sunday in Singapore. We are flying in from Beijing specially for the talk. He is an engaging and extremely knowledgeable photographer, and I trust you will learn plenty from this talk. Details are as follows.

    Date: Sep 11, 2011
    Time: 5pm to 7.30pm
    Venue: National Geographic Store, Vivocity Level 1.
    Registration: Aug 23, 2011 - Sep 10, 2011
    Registration Fee: SGD$10.00 per pax
    Website link:

    You can register for the talk by emailing National Geographic Store at . Alternatively, you can just turn up at the event itself.

    Description of the Talk:
    The photography world has been rapidly changing, and the rules of digital photography are being rewritten everyday. Stefen has been working on international projects across editorial, commercial and art genres, and is fortunate to have witnessed the change within the industry at close range. This visual dialogue will cover some of his most recent projects, the behind-the-scenes, as well as advice for those trying to get into the professional photography circuit.

    About the photographer
    Stefen Chow is grateful to be a witness through his camera.
    Stefen has garnered awards from leading publications and organizations in photography, including International Photo Awards (New York), Photographie de la Paris (Paris), PDN (USA), Billboard (USA) and Nikon (Japan). He has established himself across editorial, commercial and art genres, a rare feat in the industry, and has worked with organizations including Geo (Germany), Wall Street Journal (New York), Smithsonian Institute (Washington DC), Vogue Japan, Cartier, Keppel and Shell. His works have been exhibited in cities including Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Beijing and Singapore. Stefen is a Nikon Professional by Nikon Singapore.
    Stefen is also a member of the Explorers' Club and climbed some of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest, Cho Oyu and Gasherbrum II.
    Stefen has lived in New York City, different parts of Asia and currently based in Beijing.

    His work can be seen at

    Best regards,

    Stefen Chow Photography

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    Default Re: Talk by Stefen Chow, 11th September 2011, Vivocity

    Canon user can join?

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    Default Re: Talk by Stefen Chow, 11th September 2011, Vivocity

    I am a canon user and i have attended talks by stefen. (ok, even sit down and drink tea with him, but thats a different story). no issue at all. its never about the gear.


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